Some quick tips to increase your Productivity

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1 Manage your Emails betterwoman-739614_640

Getting to grips with your email inbox will massively increase your personal productivity. One of the reasons for this is that in today’s world we all have developed a much shorter attention span and there is a great temptation to jump from what you are doing to something which might seem more interesting or exciting.
This is what happens every time you hear that notification that a new email has arrived. All of a sudden you are overcome with that burning desire to check your email just in case it’s something “important”.
To save time, don’t open up your emails unless you have time to respond. Otherwise you will end up reading the email, coming back to it later, reading it again, and then replying. By only reading emails when you have time to respond to them, you’ll save time because you won’t have to re-read the same email

2 Always remember – First things first!

One of the most difficult things many people find is to start with a job that is either difficult or in some way unpleasant. The problem is – to have any sort of success in life you are frequently going to have to grasp the nettle and do some things that you might not enjoy.
The thing to remember is that the toughest jobs often bring the greatest rewards.
Start every day by tackling the jobs which will make the biggest difference to the success of your business or achieving your goals. Brian Tracy famously refers to this as “eating a frog”.
By getting these jobs done early in the day you give yourself great momentum which will carry in to other things you do that day. This in turn will help to ensure that you get much more done each day and achieve greater success.
Don’t allow time to slip away by doing small stuff that doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone or make a major positive difference to you
By taking real positive action you start taking genuine steps towards achieving what you want in life
And that’s the whole point of productivity after all

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