The One Thing That I Really Don’t Like About Rob Cornish’s Gain Higher Ground Membership

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"How to make money online" or "How to start an online business" are still some of the most popular Google searches. After all, who doesn't want to escape the rat race and become your own boss and start earning a decent income from the comfort of your own home.

I know I certainly do!​

I have been chasing this dream since 1999 when I first tried to become my own boss by buying a franchise in a web development company. After about 4 months the company went bust and £6000 of my hard earned cash went up in smoke!

Since then I have dabbled in a variety of other online ventures and spent several more thousands on a variety of courses and "surefire business opportunities" but none of them worked out for me.

I first heard of Rob Cornish a few years ago and joined his mailing list after being impressed by some of the content he was giving away for free on his blog.

​A few months ago I bought a cheap product made by Rob called Evergreen Passive Income which was an affiliate marketing course. I had a query about it so sent Rob an email. I was hoping for an email reply at some stage over the course of the next few days.

However instead of just hitting the reply button and sending me a few lines of text he did something that totally blew me away. He sent me a personal video message!

​The video was packed full of personalised help and advice and pointers to other training videos he has that I could access free of charge.

This is typical of Rob Cornish in my experience to date. He is by far the most helpful Internet Marketer I have ever experienced.

I have paid good money to other guys for personal coaching but none of them come close to Rob for service - and this was for a $17 product

I was so​ impressed by Rob that I decided to take a trial subscription to his Gain Higher Ground Membership site and I have to say it is the best money I have ever spent.

The members area is absolutely packed with training videos that cover every possible topic for anyone who has ever wanted to start their own online business​. Let's take a look at what's there:

​The website is incredibly easy to navigate with all the various sections laid out down the left hand side. Have a look at the picture above.

The Let's Get Started section eases you gently in and gives you a flavour of what to expect as a rookie internet marketer​. That's not to say that people with some experience wont benefit from this too.

The next section is called 15 steps to Success and this is the first big eye-opener for most members. In this section Rob takes you through step by step, the process for building your first website with wordpress. Each of the 15 videos show you exactly what do do and exactly where to click to get things to work.

You are currently looking at the very website I built in 15 steps to success. OK its not going to rival Amazon or Wikipaedia but for someone who had never built a web page before - i think its not bad.

The profitable niches section shows you exactly how to go about finding the right niche to build your business around.

​Basecaqmp is a collection of training videos that Rob has put together over many years. Take a look at some of the topics in the picture to get some idea of just how valuable this content is!

Product Creation - as the name suggests - shows you how to create your own products, including ebooks, videos, audio, and software products

Real Traffic shows you exactly what traffic methods work. We all know traffic is the lifeblood of an online business so this section is a goldmine

The content factory can be used alongside product creation and shows you just how to put together content for use in your business.

There are literally hundreds of hours of power-packed training inside Gain Higher Ground Membership - here's a quick shot of one where Rob shows you how to find images for your business:

​In my opinion Gain Higher Ground Membership is the best way for anyone who wants to start their own online business to actually make a success of it.

Since I joined a few short months ago I have created my first website, created my first product and written my first sales letter. I have finally done it - I've created an online business

If I can do it - so can you.

I started out as a complete novice but with help from Rob - who continues to answer all my queries with both emails and video replies - I actually succeeded!

Now you are probably wondering what I was referring to in the title to this post - the one thing I really don't like about Rob Cornish's Gain Higher Ground Membership so let me tell you.

Its Insomnia!

Rob's videos are so interesting that I have found myself sitting in bed at night, watching them on my iPad until well past my bedtime! Even when I try to sleep I still have ideas floating round in my head.

Beware of this - You have been warned! :-)​

You can get a trial membership of Gain Higher Ground for just $5. In the unlikely event that you don't like it you can simply cancel it - but I bet you won't!

  --- Click here to check it out for yourself ---​

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