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I recently mentioned about how I had become interested in video marketing as a tool for search engine optimisation.

To see if I could actually put a video on page 1 of Google searches I trained a colleague of mine how to do it for a project she was doing on marketing a new service in her pharmacy – namely Flu vaccination. We created the video using powerpoint and screencast-o-matic and within 3 days the video was ranked on page 1 of Google for the search terms “flu vaccine in bangor” and “flu vaccine in bangor co down”.

Here’s the video:

I mentioned to my friend Ben Father – who taught me the technique – and he wrote an article about it to all his followers! This is what he said:

I LOVE it when event attendees take action and get results and email me to let me know about it. This is exactly what popped into my inbox yesterday from event attendee, David who flew in for the event:

Hi Ben

Just wanted to say – Your video SEO blueprint really works!
Today I managed to get a video I made last week onto page 1 of Google for the search term “flu vaccine in Bangor”
Bangor is the town where I live and flu vaccines is a service that the pharmacy I work for has recently introduced.
My boss is very impressed so I might start negotiating with them for other ideas!


Thank you David and well done on taking action. If you want to learn from David and support him then you can do what I did and search on Google for “flu vaccine in Bangor”, then click on his YouTube video, watch the video (In full), read the description and finally also click through to the pharmacies’ website.

When at the website, make sure to click through to at least one other page and make your last page that you visit there, the “Contact Us” page. Stay on the contact us page for at least 1 minute.

This will basically help boost the website ranking of the pharmacy’s website ranking to page 1 and the video will probably hover around Page 1 or 2 of Google. If you read this David, you can make the description a bit longer in your YouTube video, which might improve the rankings (You can just copy and paste text from your website page that you are linking to from the video description). Also consider putting the video on your website to help the website’s SEO.

Advanced SEO lesson
This is all quite advanced SEO, so I will explain why I did the above to help David (And you can do the same).

You see – Google is pretty (Very) smart now. We are taking the ideal customer path for David. We search Google and click on the result that we want. Google takes note of this and will put the video up higher on Google because it sees that people are liking it (Especially because we watched the whole video and interacted with the description of the video).

The second part that I mention is to boost the website’s SEO for the same search term “Flu vaccine in Bangor”. Google learns that our ultimate results from searching on Google and watching the video is to visit their website and contact the Pharmacy. By staying on the contact page for at least 1 minute, we are accomplishing a few things from an SEO perspective:

  1. We are reducing the website’s “Bounce rate”. Ie, we are going to at least 1 more page after visiting the website.
  2. We are staying on the website for at least 1 minute. The longer that you stay on a website to get information, the better. Google sees this (Via Google Chrome browser, Google’s tracking on YouTube and Google analytics on the website).
  3. Finally, we went to the contact page and stayed there to replicate what it would be like if we were to make a phone call and contact the Pharmacy, as a real customer might do.

I hope this free advanced SEO lesson helped some of you. And if you want to help David like I did (Please do!), then simply take 5 minutes to do the above few things. You will learn something and help a friend from the event out because the way I see it, is that we are all helping each other.

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