Health problems caused stress

Have Your Health Problems Caused Stress?

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When you are going through difficult times due to your health, and the end seems to be nowhere in sight, then it’s highly likely that your health problems caused stress for you. You probably already have plenty of other things to worry about so adding in some health worries is probably not what you are looking for!

In this article I want to explore the relationship between health problems and stress and what you can do to help reduce the feelings of stress which probably make your health seem even worse.

Stress And Your Health

Stress occurs when you have little control over the outcome of a situation. Anything that you cannot control, especially your health, can put stress on you.

Now even the healthiest person has no doubt at some point suffered from the occasional cold or sore throat.

Especially today, with the increased presence of health warnings on the news, people have become more and more aware of both their physical and emotional health. Warnings about factors that cause cancer have become more common, and this causes a lot of people to worry.

Even the desire to eat healthily is fueled by health guidelines presented in the news. Worrying about your health presents a huge stress in your life, but stress management techniques can help you cope.

If you have a condition, such as epilepsy, you may be on medication that needs to be taken at specific times each day. The stress of trying to remember to take your medicine at that specific time can leave you feeling bogged down and worried.

To alleviate this stress, set an alarm to remind you, if you’re at home. Put your medications in a weekly pill pack, so you don’t have to worry about what to take and when to take it.

Let’s have a look at some ways to keep on top of your health and thereby reduce the need to worry about it.

Eat a balanced diet.

Eating a balanced diet can have significant health benefits, and will greatly reduce stress levels. When you eat well, you get an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. As a result, you perform better in your work and take a more positive approach to life.

Your life may already be filled with a lot of responsibilities, so the notion of eating healthy may sound like just another stressor. But don’t fall into this belief. Eating healthily will make you less likely to worry about your health, and will improve your health all around.

You will find that your blood pressure decreases, and you don’t worry so much about eating a few extra calories.

Get Regular Health Checks. 

As a means of stress management, going to the doctor on a regular basis will ease any worries you may have about your health. If you are sick, you will get the treatment you need to get better. Remember, the earlier a medical condition is detected – the easier it is to treat, and the more likely it is that the treatment will be successful.

Not only will this cut down on your worrying, but also it will cut down on the stress of putting off a doctor’s appointment. A lot of people put this off, and become more and more stressed out, because of it.

Show up early for your appointment. When you arrive early for a doctor appointment, you have extra time to take care of paperwork and other things. Getting there early will give you more time to take care of preliminary things. Plus, it takes the edge off of any nervousness you may feel. It also stops you from feeling rushed when you sit down to discuss any health worries with the doctor.


Some people eat when they’re stressed. As a stress management technique, this doesn’t do much to alleviate stress. It may actually make you gain weight, which is another major cause of stress.

Take a manageable portion, and stop eating when you’re full. When you eat until you’re satisfied, you have more energy. Eating enough, but not too much, will improve your health and make you feel satisfied. Because of this, you will have the energy you need to push through the day, which will cut down on stress.

A great tip for reducing the volume of food that you eat at any one sitting is to have a full glass of water about 5-10 minutes before you have a meal. This partly fills your stomach and makes you feel satisfied sooner when eating.

When you’re hungry and busy, it can be stressful trying to find time to eat. Eating several small meals a day will cut down on the need to stop what you’re doing to snack.

Not only will you have more energy, but also you will feel better about your health, especially if you eat a healthy snack.


Finding time to exercise can be difficult, especially when you have a lot on your plate. Try to find at least a few minutes each day to maintain some level of activity. It can be as simple as walking to the top of your street and back or doing jumping jacks.  Another great exercise to consider is yoga.

Exercise has two main benefits in the treatment of stress. First of all it burns off the stress hormones that can circulate in your body and do damage. Secondly, by making you fitter and healthier it makes you better able to cope with times of stress when they occur.

Maintain a positive attitude. It’s amazing how much a good morale can do. Studies show smiling improves health. Keeping a good attitude, at the same time, can do the same thing. Try to see the good in your health, and do what you can to maintain that health or make yourself even healthier.

If you are genuinely seeking a way to improve your mental health, do some reading. Studies show that reading keeps your mind healthy and may prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Read as much as you can, and you will see your memory improve significantly. In addition, you will be able to think more quickly.

This will improve your overall self-image. The way you see yourself is a huge reflection of your health. So grab a book and a juicy red apple. And munch your way to a less stressful life!

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2 thoughts on “Have Your Health Problems Caused Stress?

  1. I love your definition of the cause of stress. Having little control of the outcome of a situation. So true. 

    Your solutions on how to handle stress are wonderful. One of the major causes of stress is having insufficient money to meet ones needs in life. There is a great way to help that situation. 

    Having a job barely solves that problem because the company you work for has full control on what you can earn. But, when you create your own online business, you have total control of your income. 

    Sure, it may take a bit of time to get that going successfully. The process of working on it can be cathartic and help to reduce stress knowing that you are working on an asset that will alleviate your financial problems. 

    I wish you much success in helping your readers address this very serious condition of stress. Because if not addressed, as you stated it can negatively impact your health.



    1. Hi Edwin

      Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts and feedback!

      I fully agree that one of the best ways to relieve stress is to take full control of your destiny by becoming your own boss and starting your own business. There is no better way to make a living (with emphasis on living!)

      Stress and poor health are very much linked and so finding ways to break the vicious circle is very important.

      Many thanks


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