Are you still struggling with Shyness or low self-esteem? This is for you…

Discover How The Decep​tively Simple But Amazingly Powerful Tactic Used By Olympic Athletes And Top Sports Stars Can Help You To Effortlessly Tackle Any Situation With Unshakable Self-Confidence, Starting In Just 10 Minutes.

Without ever needing to sit through weeks of expensive coaching or therapy, or learn any complicated theories or strategies.

Dear Friend

Have you ever watched a movie and admired the confidence of characters such as James Bond, Han Solo or Tony Stark. Or maybe pop stars such as Madonna or Lady Gaga for example.

Confident people get the best out of life and enjoy every day

Which is great – i​f you’re a confident person.

But what about the rest of us? What about those of us who are shy or lacking in confidence or self-esteem?

If you are a shy person or lack self-confidence then you probably have a low opinion of yourself.

Maybe you feel like you’re always missing out on things, or does it just seem like it’s your destiny to be a failure?

In fact, when your confidence is low it can be hard to believe that you have the ability to be successful at anything.

I mean, you know that you’re a good person and you try to do the right things but there’s just something missing which is holding you back.

I know what it’s like to feel like a failure. I know what it’s like to be faced with new problems, challenges or situations and the first thought that pops into your head is “No, no, I wouldn’t be able to do that!”

The problem is that allowing yourself to think like this can become a sort of vicious circle and it traps you in a web of negative thoughts.

You see, every time you try something and fail, or even worse - you give up without even trying just because you think "I can't do it", then your mind starts to accept that failure is the norm for you.

All this negative thinking stems from one thing – a lack of confidence.

Being overly shy or lacking in confidence can cause you problems on a daily basis.

Let me just ask you this very important question:

In the last 7 days, have you experienced any of these classic symptoms of low confidence? :

  • Feeling inferior to other people
  • Feeling bad about yourself or being hard or yourself
  • Having problems with relationships
  • A negative body-image
  • Being oversenstive
  • Worry and anxiety
  • Trying to please other people
  • Avoiding things that you really need to tackle

So, what can you do to deal with this problem?

Here’s The Advice You’ll Probably Get 

From Traditional “Experts”….

Speak to any personal development expert and they will probably tell you to do one of two things.

You could get yourself a coach, therapist or mentor who will sit down with you and try to work out your issues to figure out what is causing your lack of confidence.

Alternatively you could get a book or take a course and learn a new set of psychological skills such as Neuro Linguistic Programming to help build your self-esteem and confidence.

This is all Well and Good, But…

Are you ready to pour your heart out to a total stranger and wait for them to “fix you”

Or do you have the hours and hours it will take to read a 300+ page course or manual in the hope that you will learn how to “fix yourself”

If you’re anything like me then the thought of spending countless hours doing these things with no guarantee of success is just not very appealing.

So how are we going to discover what really works to help us build that rock solid self-confidence?

This Is Why I Decided To Finally Figure Out What Works… And What Doesn’t

Over the years I have taken many courses on personal development – some great, and some, well let’s just say ‘not so good’.

I’ve tried lots of strategies and put into practice the things which worked for me.

I’ve also spent hours on nonsense theories so I have also figured out what is a total waste of time.

To help you out, I have gathered together all the tips and strategies which I know will work and put everything into a single PDF report

In Short, I’ve Done All The Hard Work So You Don’t Have To!


10 Minute Power-Confidence is a 35-page report that’s jam-packed with everything you need to know about eliminating the problems of low self-confidence.

Why would you want to be more confident? Here's just some of the many benefits of Power-Confidence

Better Relationships

So that you can easily form relationships with new people or potential lovers, and strengthen your bonds with friends and family.

Less Stress

Learning how to confidently tackle problems means significantly less stress and worry in your daily life

Greater Happiness

Confidence naturally leads to happiness which means you can look forward to the future and feel positive about it


When you approach things with confidence you massively increase your chances of success. Prepare to start achieving your hopes and dreams!

Better Job / Higher Income

Stop doing a job you hate! Confident people have better jobs and enjoy much higher incomes.

All successful entrepreneurs are confident people!

Eliminate Fear / Anxiety

Becoming confident makes you fearless and ready to tackle whatever life has in store for you. Bring it on!!

So what can “10 Minute Power-Confidence” Do for YOU Today?

Well here are a few tasters of some of the powerful tips and strategies I am going to teach you:

  • See page 8 to discover the little-known but immensely powerful technique I use to flush toxic thoughts like self-doubt out of my body
  • Why some of your friends could actually be your worst enemies - and how to deal with such people - page 11
  • What playing golf with Rory McIlroy taught me about my own feelings of self-doubt and how it inspires me even today - page 13
  • How an elephant could help you transform doubts or fears into the unshakable self-confidence you desire
  • How a simple change in your mindset can help you to see problems in a whole new light and supercharge you with the energy you need to deal with them - page 18
  • That amazingly powerful technique used by Olympic athletes and top sports stars to effortlessly develop confidence can be found on page 19

I have divided the tips and strategies into three main areas which go together to make up the 3 step strategy of 10 Minute Power-confidence.

These steps are:

  • Eliminating Self-doubt
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Developing Power-Confidence

You might be wondering why I don’t just talk about building confidence – after all that’s what we all want to get out of this report.

Let me quickly explain:

Self-doubt is one of the main causes of low self-confidence so I want to help you tackle that and eliminate it too.

You see bad experiences, things not working out, distractions and unexpected challenges all halt you in your tracks and seriously dent your confidence in your own abilities.

You start to doubt whether you will be able to achieve what you want to do.

This does funny things to your thought processes and rather than focusing on achieving things you start to become more concerned with avoiding disappointment and failure.

You become more conservative in your thinking and perhaps a bit cynical about life and what it has in store for you.

What’s happening here is that your subconscious mind is just trying to protect you from bad things happening to you.

So you see, when you suffer from self-doubt it’s very difficult to be confident about anything.

I’ll show you how to eliminate self-doubt, starting in 10 minutes or less!

The next stage is all about building your self-esteem.

When your confidence is low you tend to have a very low level of self-esteem which usually means you have a low opinion of yourself.

Maybe you feel like you are always missing out or that you’re a failure.

Maybe you feel like you don’t actually have the ability to be successful at anything.

This can be a difficult obstacle to overcome for someone wanting to be more confident

I’ll show you how to build self-esteem, starting in 10 minutes or less!

And the final step of the system is all about developing that wonderful “Power Confidence”

As I said at the start of this letter – confident people get the best out of life and enjoy every day.

The skills that you will learn from this report will quite simply make your life better.

There’s nothing complicated in here and I’ll explain exactly how to do everything in simple and easy-to-understand terms.

I’ll show you how to develop Power-Confidence, starting in 10 minutes or less!

Are you ready to start experiencing Power Confidence?

Imagine how it will feel when you finally stop thinking "I can't" and start truly believing that no matter what it is - "I can!"

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what other people are saying about "10 Minute Power-Confidence"

You're in the right place - This Report cuts-out all the usual BS associated with the topic discussed. David has successfully condensed this emotive and bewildering subject into No-Fluff, useful, honest advice based upon his own experiences, and using easy to understand illustrations. This real-world, thoughtfully crafted, concise practical advice can benefit anyone (and yes, that includes you!). Highly recommended, grab your copy today and be astounded how this will impact and revolutionize the way you see your life...

Michael Hird


To be honest when I first saw the title I expected the same churned out idealistic motivational drivel I have seen all too often. Early rising, mantras, green juices.. But this is a short and entertaining read. It is full of small steps and ideas that are helpful in eliminating self doubt, building high self esteem and having tremendous success in life.

I would gladly recommend this book to anyone looking for ways to improve their life."

Prakash Shah

Is 10-Minute Power-Confidence For You?

10-minute Power-Confidence is for you if you are serious about becoming the self-confident and successful person you want to be AND one or more of the following categories applies to you:

  • Brand New To building self-confidence
  • Tried Other Methods In The Past But Not Been Successful

  • A quiet, shy or reserved person who dreams of showing the real you to the world

  • Someone who is tired of putting up with mediocrity

  • Struggled Previously With self-doubt and low self-esteem

  • Feel that you are missing the vital ingredient in order to become a powerful, confident and successful person

10-minute Power-Confidence is NOT suitable for people who want everything just handed on a plate to them or who aren’t prepared to invest some time and effort to make a better life for themselves.

If that's you, I wish you well but please don't invest in 10-minute Power-Confidence because it won't help you and neither can I.

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